New semester, new Zoom crushes. Don’t worry, Bwog is here to ensure your virtual happily ever after.

Hey Lovers! 

We know our last post about Zoom crushes made quite a flutter, so we are here with even more fantastic advice for all you young lovers out there reaching out across the great Zoom expanse. 

  1. Fake a meet-cute: every time your bae tries to talk in class, pretend that you were called on and start talking at the same time. Great conversation starter ;).
  2. See what they are wearing. Turn off your camera. Rampage your closet. Change during class. Turn on your camera with a (close to) matching outfit.
  3. Class by class, slowly add more and more ridiculous things to your background. Increase the drama.
  4. Type, in general, “I think ‘crushes name’ is cute.”Pretend it was meant to be a DM for your bestie, apologize personally 
  5. Smile the whole time. Just keep smiling. Terrify them with your positivity.
  6. Wink every time they talk. Just a little inside joke between the two of you.
  7. “Piggyback” off of what they are saying. Everyone loves a good piggyback.
  8. Turn on a Zoom filter that makes you look like an animal, let them interpret what that means.

Ok some real advice (not that the advice before wouldn’t 100% work. Try it we dare you).

  1. Raise your laptop so you’re not hunching.
  2. Turn on the glossy Zoom filter.
  3. Compliment them if they say something small.
  4. If you are in a breakout room together, tell them how excited you are to be in their group because they seem really cool in class.
  5. Complain about or compliment the professor.
  6. Dress up a little. Only what makes you comfortable, but it is still nice and will make you feel put together.
  7. Turn on your zoom camera and participate in class. If you are part of the class, then they are, in part, technically paying attention to you!

We know our advice is flawless, so let us know how deeply effective you were in finding a lover!


Bwossip Girl

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