The sun is out. Low Beach is full. Spring has (finally) sprung! Bwog is here to provide the perfect soundtrack for days when you should really be writing a paper, but the weather is “just too nice.” Carpe diem! But COVID safely, of course.

POV: It is a warm spring afternoon. You are sitting on the lawns at Columbia again, 6ft away from everyone else. The sun is high in the bright clear blue sky. The red picnic blanket is covered in charcuterie boards and half-full glasses of lemonade. Your friends chat animatedly about their plans, or their interests, or about nothing at all. They have all tested negative for COVID. You are dozing off in the sweetest way. A dog wanders around, wagging its tail happily. It stops by you and seems to smile. You understand. There is music playing from someone else’s speakers, which you can hear faintly. It’s beautiful. You close your eyes and sway your head for a minute. When you open them, you see the track team bee-line through the people at Low. They run up and down the steps, together. Nature is healing. You laugh into your masks (you double mask, of course). You feel full and warm and content.

Good morning, New York City! via Bwog Staff.