Managing Editor Caroline Mullooly and Senior Staff Writer Daniel Ortega-Venni unpack the good, the bad, and the wacky times from the staff’s Slack server.

We’re back! After another year living through a pandemic—and hopefully, we will never, ever have to say that again—this dynamic duo is ready to close out the school year with an inside look at our mysterious, top-secret Slack.

Here’s what Bwog Staff did this year:

We enjoyed wildlife.

We got hungry.

We wore cool socks.

We laughed.

We became confused.

We were disgusted.

We produced high-quality journalism—beginning with tips like this one.

Have a great summer, everyone. I look forward to composing this post next year (while Daniel is off into the Real World ;( ).

Opinions and commentary expressed in these screenshots do not reflect the views of Bwog Staff or Except for the fact that one should never eat oatmeal off of a paper plate.

Delete the Blog Spring 2019 Header via Bwog Staff

Slack Screenshots via Bwog Staff