Tick-tock on the clock but the party don’t stop, no.

Happening in the World: A 100-year-old Japanese clock that stopped working after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami has started ticking again after another quake struck this year. The clock was stored in Fumonji temple when it was submerged by the tsunami that devastated much of Japan’s Miyagi region. Its owner Bunshun Sakano had tried to fix it but to no avail. Locals take it as a sign of encouragement for rebirth and restoration to come. (The Guardian)

Happening in the US: President Biden formally announced Wednesday that the US will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and effectively ending America’s longest war by September 11, 2021. The decision marks perhaps the most significant foreign policy decision for the start of the Biden presidency. (The Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: Lincoln Center’s Josie Robertson Plaza is set to be transformed into an expansive synthetic grass “lawn.” The installation, which will open on May 10 and remain in place through September is part of an initiative by Lincoln Center to use its outdoor spaces for live performances. The new space will be made of recyclable material sourced from U.S. farmers and will also feature a snack bar and books available for borrowing. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Tomorrow, join Camp Millie in attending a time-honored Barnard tradition, Midnight Breakfast. This in-person event is open to anyone currently in the testing program. Register for a dedicated time slot here

Cover Song of the Week: “Doin Time” by Lana Del Rey (originally by Sublime)

CLOCK via Flickr