Worth every cent of that cool $3.25 million.

Happening in the World: Northern Ireland has seen several days of violence and unrest as unionists and nationalists have clashed with police and each other. Tensions have been rising in the region due to frustration over Brexit trade deals and the decision of the government to not prosecute leaders of the Irish nationalist party, Sinn Fein, for breaking coronavirus restrictions during a leading IRA figure’s funeral. (CNN)

Happening in the US: A rare edition of the comic in which Superman made his first appearance, Action Comics #1, recently sold for $3.25 million dollars. The comic features the origins of Superman, how he came to Earth from another planet and went by Clark Kent. Published in 1938, it is estimated that only about 100 copies exist today. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: The Brooklyn district attorney, Eric Gonzalez, is asking judges to dismiss nearly 90 convictions centered around a former narcotics detective Joseph Franco. Franco was charged with perjury after being accused of lying about drug sales that never occurred. His testimony has secured thousands of arrests and convictions for prosecutors in New York City. (NY Times)

Happening in Our Community: Join Barnard Student Life in a virtual viewing of the movie The Half Of It this Friday from 7 to 8 PM EST. Register here!

Cover Song of the Week: ‘The “In” Crowd (originally by Dobie Gray)

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