Chronic cat-needer Sarah Braner lets you in on a little secret.

I’m never not missing my cat from home.

Her name is Furlough, and she’s the most bratty, beautiful girl in the world:

Of course, she lives about a 7-hour flight and change away from me. I don’t qualify for an emotional support animal, and Barnard doesn’t let its students have cats without said qualifications. For three years, I’ve lived a cat-less college existence.

But not anymore. I was alerted to my salvation from our previous post on the cats of Morningside Heights: Mr. Johnny of 109th and Broadway. He hangs out in his little cat tree near the window, he has his own Instagram account (@johnny_the_cat109), and I love him very much. His caretakers at The Pet Market are extremely happy to let you pet him to your heart’s content. Just be nice and be a little careful petting the belly area.

Now I’ll show you what you’re really here for:

In short: go pay Johnny a visit. He’s changed my life and I’m frankly extremely upset I didn’t know about him before. I still miss Furlough though.

Images via Bwog Staff