To everyone who picked into a McBain double today, I just wanna talk.

Today was the last day of junior housing selection, meaning that what’s left is going to be sophomore housing. Despite the availability of numerous objectively better housing options, multiple juniors selected into McBain doubles. 

What’s Gone:

McBain singles

What’s Scarce:

4 Harmony doubles

2 eight person Ruggles suites

1 six-person Plimpton suite

What’s Left:

A dwindling number of corridor singles in Schapiro, Wien, Furnald, and Harmony

Plenty of doubles in Carlton, Schapiro, Wien, Broadway, Nuss, and, of course, McBain 

8 47 Claremont 7-person suites

Looking Ahead: 

Sophomore selection begins tomorrow, and there are still plenty of good options for those with good or decent numbers.

housing via Bwog Archives