It’s coming to an end…

Sophomores continued to pick today. Mostly doubles were left in the Columbia lottery. It was a big day for Schapiro, with all 30 doubles left yesterday being taken. Nobody touched the 47 Claremont suites that were left yesterday, but a six-person group grabbed the last Plimpton suite. There are certainly more students left than rooms available in the Columbia lottery. The Barnard 123 lottery was scheduled to end today, but it actually ended yesterday. There were only doubles remaining but not as many groups of two to fill said doubles. Those rooms will likely go to people on the guaranteed list. 

Columbia Edition:

What’s Gone: 

  • McBain, Carlton, Schapiro, and Harmony doubles have all been taken as well as the Plimpton 6-person suite.

What’s Scarce/Left (They’re the same):

  • 4 47 Claremont Ave 7-person suites
  • 0.5 Broadway doubles
  • 1 Wien double

Barnard Edition:

  • That’s all, folks! The Barnard 123 lottery is done!

Looking Ahead:

Although the Columbia lottery is scheduled to end Thursday, given how little is left, we will probably not make it until then. Keep checking our housing Twitter thread and housing reviews for more info!

Image via Bwog Archives