Life can be a bag of nails, so gitty-up and get informed with this Weekly Roundup!

This week in SGA:

  • Voting in SGA elections has been reopened; a new email has been sent to the student body. If you already voted with the old form, you must vote again.
  • SGA closed its petition to allow students to P/D/F a major or minor course and is sending it to the administration for review.
  • SGA heard a presentation from the Center for Engaged Pedagogy about the various initiatives that the CEP has taken in the past year to improve students’ conditions during remote learning.

This week in ESC:

  • The bulk of this week’s meeting was spent reviewing a proposal regarding the summer credit limit.
  • The proposal asks the university to increase the credit limit, eliminate the 6 credit minimum for summer housing and financial aid, or allow students to take summer courses at other institutions.
  • Over the weekend, ESC’s executive board met and discussed merchandise giveaways, graduation-related programming, and potentially distributing unused lab kit materials to schools in the NYC area.
  • ESC’s council turnover will occur in the next few weeks.

This week in GSSC:

  • Tuesday night was GSSC’s last Council meeting for the 2020-2021 academic year!
  • President Jane Jeong (GS’22) reminded everyone that candidate platforms are due by Friday and the second Rules meeting will be held today, Wednesday, at 8pm EST. Attending a Rules meeting is required for all candidates. Jeong also stated that official campaigning will begin next week.
  • During Public Comment, students Shaqed Tzabbar and Ezra Dayanim presented a resolution to define and condemn antisemitism at the University. Tzabbar and Dayanim pointed to the recent rise of antisemitic incidents at Columbia and in the US more generally. They proposed a definition of antisemitism to be used in the proposed GSSC resolution and hopes that the Council would push the University to recognize antisemitism as a hate crime. The full resolution can be accessed via request from the Council.

CCSC did not meet this week.

PrezBo Roundup via Bwog Archives