Yes, I will miss campus and sitting in rooms learning about all sorts of things with my peers, but there are some things that I’m ready to just say goodbye to.

  1. The Abysmal Housing Lottery System:
    Can we just talk about the fact that over the course of all four years, the only time I ever got my top pick for dorms was in Freshman year?? I wouldn’t trade Hartley for the world, but at some point you really start to wonder how true the phrase “seniors get priority” really is. OK, maybe it had something to do with the fact that my housing group’s name was “Capitalism sux” but, at the same time, consider that it indeed does suck. And let’s not forget how stressful the whole thing is! Because you’re obviously checking Bwog’s housing coverage every day, watching your dreams come crashing down around you as the last suite in EC gets swept up from underneath you. I could mention the abysmal housing website too, but at this point it’s time to move on.
  2. SSOL & Registering for Classes:
    Why on earth do we use a website that looks like it was coded in the 1800s? Not only is the degree audit never actually correct (it says I never completed my global core recs when I most certainly did) but it also has the wonderful habit of crashing during registration! Registration is stressful enough, anyway. I won’t miss having backup list upon backup list or never knowing where classes meet and hoping that the ten-minute gap I’ve signed up for will be enough to get me to where I need to go. I also won’t miss having my registration time being in the middle of a midterm exam(?? this did happen to me once, it’s like they want me to fail).
  3. The Barrage of Emails:
    Yes, some emails are important. But then there are those emails that make you want to rip your eyes out. I don’t care if the dissertation is being demystified, Ivy. Even the Spam and Low Priority email filter doesn’t actually work, My inbox is practically bursting at the seams. I swear, the only reason we even have unlimited storage in Google is because Columbia knows about how bad its email spree is. Catch me deleting every email once Commencement is over.

ssol via Bwog Archives