Bwog shows you that no summer is a summer wasted if you can find a strong resume verb. 

Not to brag, but Bwog was very productive this summer. No, really. In the midst of a pandemic and everything! So. Many. Resume points. It’s sickening—the finance and CS bros are quaking in their boots. 

Professional Burden

  • Negotiated lower standards than ever. 
  • Developed new “breakdown” protocols. 
  • Assessed and analyzed personal flaws. 

Media Quality Consultant 

  • Examined several hours of content a day for multiple media platforms.
  • Inspected for quality and assigned “like” or “dislike” values to content. 
  • Consulted with team members on final values.
  • Analyzed trends in daily content.

Participant – “Identity Crisis”

  • Re-evaluated path in life.
  • Fielded all questions from family regarding “next steps.”
  • Investigated the concept of “graduate school.”

Producer – “Painful Daydreams”

  • Integrated new embarrassing moments to rotate in the lineup. 
  • Authored critiques of the status quo without presenting alternatives.
  • Launched improved episodes with increased disparity between “Daydreams” and “Real Life.”

Cautionary Tale

  • Demonstrated incorrect behavior to young observers.
  • Advised young observers on more appropriate choices.
  • Identified new behavior patterns to warn observers against.

Can’t wait to show my CCE counselor how much I’ve done!

Climbing the ladder of success one bullet point at a time via pxfuel