Every summer, Bwog staff contribute to our Houses and Homes series, where we take you to the many places we go. This summer starts off with an entry from Deputy Editor, Mary Clare Greenlees from a lighthouse in Pescadero, California. If you want to share your House and/or Home, email us at tips@bwog.com!

Where: A hostel at the tallest operating lighthouse on the West Coast.

Sight: The ocean holds many wonders to behold. Rocks, more rocks, water, seals, and maybe even a dolphin (but no shark sadly).

Sound: Waves crashing into the rocks and shore, birds screeching, and background chatter from my group.

Smell: The Ocean(™), kelp, it’s so damp and foggy you can smell it in the air.

Touch: Some nice smooth rocks to skip across the Pacific Ocean and sand (of the coarse, rough, irritating, gets everywhere variety).

Taste: French Toast from the morning’s breakfast in the communal kitchen and salt from the Pacific Ocean that I tasted to confirm it is indeed saltwater.

look at all those chickens (seals) via Mary Clare Greenlees