From a Barnard Babe with too much to say.

I won’t pretend to know what you study. I almost failed out of physics in the 11th grade, making it through with extra credit and help from friends. 

But believe me when I say there is nothing quite like watching your eyes light up as you explain a concept I can barely grasp. SEAS students have been nothing but kind and generous towards me since my first year. They might get a bad reputation for being nerdy or never sleeping, but who is really getting any sleep? In truth, we are so similar! We both understand what it’s like not to be in “The College”, but be at peace with it. Who in their right minds would like to take The Core? What do you need a swim test for? Who said “Columbia to wed” was a good idea?

So, between Fluids and Solids, let me read you a poem. Let me walk you to Mudd in the morning, then sit at the lawns writing about existentialism. Vent to me about your requirements while I make you a daisy chain. Worry about your PSets while I translate Antigone. Teach me about gravity or metals or whatever else you know while I stare in awe and wonder, knowing I will soon get to chatter about Lusophone Literature.

SEAS students everywhere: I love you. It will all be okay, I pinky promise.

What if we… Held hands in the Mudd elevators? Jk… Unless…? via Bwog Archive