This Bwog Staff Writer is in severe credit card debt. They are also in love with whoever made the playlist that plays at the Book Culture at 112th Street. They are also free Thursday night.

Let me kiss you behind stacks of plays,
hold your hand by the comic book isle,
whisper sweet nothings as we walk past
the newest Sally Rooney.

I’ll make this bookstore home:
build a bed out of cookbooks,
light the 30 dollar candles,
live off poetry and French romances.

Let’s spend the rest of our lives
people-watching buyers of The Iliad,
writing each other postcards,
pretending we are not too old for YA fiction.

I’ll sweep and mop the stairs,
bag the books,
sell hundreds of subscriptions
and make you happier than Sisyphus.

For now, let me wait in line
and dream that,
when you ask for my last name,
you’ll also ask for my hand.

Where dreams come true… via Bwog Archive.