Ah, random roommate assignment—that cornerstone of ResLife! That blissful, harmonious connection fostered between two people with different backgrounds, different habits, and different sleeping schedules!

The first few weeks of living with someone you’ve never met before can be difficult, but listening to the wisdom of those who have already survived random roommate assignment can help you get through it. By following Bwog’s tips, you’ll be able to look back at your first year on campus with fondness for the close friendships you’ve made. Whether you’re a first-year, sophomore, or otherwise, here are some hot tips for building that lifelong friendship!

Go Plant Shopping Together

One of the only things you and your roommate might have in common is your room. Going shopping for plants to fill it with life is a great way to get to know them! Are they a succulent person or a small tree person? There’s only one way to find out! Hit up some local plant shops to find a plant (or several) that you both love and add it to your family.

Note: divorce can be messy. Co-adopting a plant is not for the faint of heart.

Create A Shared Playlist Together

One of the best ways to get to know someone is through music. Make a playlist together that you can listen to in your room while you hang out! Be careful not to insult their music taste, as that can have a lasting negative impact on your relationship. Keeping an open mind in music—as in everything else—will help you get closer to your roommate!

Explore The Neighborhood & Campus Together

If you’re new to the Morningside Heights area, a great way to get acquainted with the local flavor is by just milling around! Go with your roommate to scope out places you might want to do things at in the future—then go do them! Find the perfect studying spot on campus or choose your favorite bench! The options are unlimited, and for even more fun you can extend your co-exploration across the entire city.

Watch A TV Series Together

If you’re more of a homebody, a great way to spend time with your roommate is to start watching a show. You’ll gain a ton of inside jokes and be able to wind down together after a day of classes—longer series can be the gift that keeps on giving because it’ll take a while to get through and will keep you close for the whole time you live together. Obligate your roommate to stay friends for years by watching a few episodes of Gray’s Anatomy together every week!

Do The NYT 36 Questions That Lead To Love

If you’re craving emotional intimacy on a very short timeline, sit down with your roommate and go through the New York Times’ 36 Questions That Lead to Love. These fun and flirty questions range from “Would you like to be famous?” to “If you were to die this evening, what would you regret the most in your life?” This activity is perfect for a cute, light few hours of fun!

Slip Into Their Bed To Cuddle While You Sleep

If your love language is physical touch, this is the perfect option to develop your bond as roommates. Physical intimacy is a gateway to emotional intimacy, so platonic cuddling sessions are a must for getting closer to your roommate! Twin XL beds in the dorms provide an intimate setting for breaking down any lingering emotional barriers.

Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes Silently For Several Hours

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if you really want to develop a soulmate-like bond with your roommate this is the perfect way to do it. Best done in dim candlelight, staring into your roommate’s eyes for several hours without speaking a word will give you insight into their deepest, darkest secrets and their true self. This is best begun at 3am and concluded as the sun rises. It’s the perfect bonding experience for both night owls and morning people and sure to help you become closer friends!

Note: Since candles aren’t allowed in residential halls, try looking for some small fake tea lights to round out the vibes.

happy roommates via Wikimedia Commons