Professors are bursting at the seams (and mouths) with excitement to be back in the classroom—send us all the lines they use to make their course seem fun and cool before the shopping period is over.

Now that we’ve gotten the first day of classes out of the way, we want to know the remarks your professors made in class that had you tearing up, suppressing a guffaw, or smiling with heartfelt gratitude. As we begin our first true and full week of classes, professors will be pulling out all the stops to retain students throughout the add/drop period; tell us about those stops!

Send us the most inspiring, strange, cringy, or downright hilarious remarks you have witnessed over the first few days of classes to be featured in this semester’s Opening Remarks article. You can email or leave a comment below by September 15. Make sure to include the entire quote, the professor’s name, and the class.

Professor xyz oversharing to seem ~relatable~ during lecture via Piqsels