Chargers of all shapes and sizes should be able to charge at NoCo!

To say NoCo and I have had a rough start would be an understatement. There was the time I sobbed in the bathroom after failing to complete a timed quiz for microeconomics. Then, there was the time I spilled Joe’s Coffee all over my desk. And who can forget when I spent my second weekend of Summer A starting and finishing a 15-page research paper that was due in April but whose deadline was postponed until May. Needless to say, I tend to stay clear of the library and all of its cursed memories. 

Despite my past hardships at NoCo, what truly pushes me over the edge and makes me want to never study (or cry, or spill coffee, or procrastinate) at the library again are its charging ports on the mezzanine level. Yes, I take personal offense to the charging ports. No, I do not fault NoCo for not having USB charging ports, but I do fault them for placing their charging ports in a small, sunken hole in the table (see image below). Perhaps a small charger may be able to fit, but a big, long, rectangular charger or a thick, wide, square charger will not.

Simply put, the charging stations at NoCo are not practical; there is no actual way for me to charge my computer! Thus, my existence at NoCo is capped to the length of my battery. If your battery is at 100%, congratulations! You will get a full study experience. But if you come in at a whopping 33%, you’ll be out of there before you can even re-download the syllabus from CourseWorks for the hundredth time. The tables, while smooth and spacious, do not encourage lengthy stay nor do they encourage sharing! The amount of work that must have been interrupted at NoCo because of a dead computer is frightening to think about. And, yet, this is the “engineering” library, right? RIGHT?!

I have no solution, only my voice. I could always move down a level and miss out on the wide tables and expansive view. But, truth be told, the charging ports’ inability to accept chargers of various sizes makes me want to boycott the library entirely. Goodbye NoCo, hello [insert any other library on campus because I can actually charge at any other library on campus]!

NoCo via Bwarchives

NoCo charging ports and charging port with charger via Bwog Staff