Roar Lion Roar! Welcome to campus class of 2024! With yet another Convocation happening today, it feels like this pride of lions just keeps growing and Bwog couldn’t be more excited. We hope you’re taking every opportunity to explore New York, your new stomping grounds!

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Today’s Highlights:

  • Urban NY Lottery: Register for the Urban NY Lottery and go to a Broadway show, an arts event, or anything! There’s no better feeling than watching Columbia give you back your tuition.
  • B’Scursion: Hungarian Pastry Shop: Let’s just say Bwog is romantically involved with Hungarian pastries.
  • Community Roundtable: Practicing Wellness: Do not let Columbia’s stress culture get to you! Repeat that until it’s ingrained in your brain.
  • Community Roundtable: Finding Community within the Four Schools: One of the best things about Columbia is being able to immerse yourself in the varied experiences of the undergraduate colleges! (p.s. if the facilitators don’t name Bwog as the best route to do that we encourage you to correct them)
  • Also remember to pick up your Mets tickets from the ramp tables in Lerner and the info booth by Barnard’s main gates.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Bike around New York with some friends! Imagine zooming through New York on Citi Bikes. The rats fade to distant blurs, screaming cab drivers morph into white noise urging you forward, and you, surrounded by the warmth of friends, finally become immersed in the New York ‘ambience’. If that doesn’t convince you just remember that Citi Bikes are blue. Sure they’re not specifically Columbia Blue, but then again Nobody Knows What Columbia Blue Is. (bonus points if you stop to have a picnic)

From The Archives: Forget the Iliad. Roaree X Millie Fanfic is the real Core reading. You’ve all met Roaree by now but do you really know him? Let’s just say that Bwog, through serious investigative journalism, got all the tea on him, and you’ll be quite shocked at what he’s been up to.

Lion via Bwog Archives