Because vaccines are getting boosts and morale exists, I guess?

Happening in the World: Netflix employees walked out in support of transgender rights on Wednesday Afternoon. The protest took place after Netflix published a comedy special, hosted by Dave Chappelle, that made jokes at the expense of transgender individuals. Protestors were outraged at the fact that Netflix openly states they do not tolerate Transphobia or hate speech, and yet, aired a special where these views were expressed in an unabashed fashion (Global News). 

Happening in the US: FDA approves “booster dose” of both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines. This news comes about a month after the FDA approved a booster shot for the Pfizer vaccine. Additionally, the FDA granted approval for the mixing of vaccines, meaning individuals’ booster dose may be from a different company than their original vaccine was from (BBC). 

Happening in NYC: NYC residents from the West Village file a lawsuit against making so-called “temporary” Open Restaurants outdoor dining venues permanent. The increase of outdoor dining structures arose during the pandemic as a way to support small businesses, and keep people eating out safer. The suit, filed against the NYC Department of Transportation cites community disturbance as their legal standing (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: Columbia University offers free Naloxone administration training in an attempt to increase information about the danger of opioid overdose. The event, which is occurring virtually today from 4 to 5 pm, is a collaboration between CU’s School of General Studies and CU’s School of Public Health. For more information, including registration info, click here.  

Image via Bwarchives