Let’s see if they can actually take down the statue this time.

Happening in the World: China denied that it tested a nuclear hypersonic missile earlier in the year, instead saying it was only a spaceflight test. Hypersonic missiles, which are much more dangerous than normal missiles, are harder to intercept mid-flight because of their high speed and agility. The original report on China’s supposed hypersonic missile test, published in the Financial Times over the summer, was a wake up call for US officials who failed to realize how advanced China’s arsenal had become (BBC).

Happening in the US: Colin Powell, America’s first African American Secretary of State, died on Monday at age 84. His family said he died from complications of COVID-19 and was fully vaccinated. Powell also served as national security advisor and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His speech at the UN in 2003 is largely credited with pushing the US into war with Iraq (NYT).

Happening in NYC: A statue of Thomas Jefferson in City Hall is likely to be removed from the chamber later this year. The statue, which has stood in City Hall for over 100 years, was asked to be loaned to the New York Historical Society by the city’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus. A vote will be held by the Public Design Commission later today to determine the statue’s fate (NYT).

Happening in our Community: Today, at 5:30 pm, will be an event hosted by the FACE Forward Speaker Series entitled Global Perspectives on Racism in Public Health. The lecture will feature four different speakers and you can register here.

a racist via Wikimedia Commons