CC doesn’t rhyme with CC; it’s the same little cluster of letters.

But, many other things related to this university also don’t rhyme. Barnard and Columbia don’t rhyme. General Studies and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Professor, TA, dorm, pissing in Wien sinks, and Barnard babies trying to get a swipe for EC.

You know what else doesn’t rhyme? Bwog, Ferris, FroSci, Core Curriculum, Plimpton, Butler, Roar-ee, panting after you run up the stairs to a class in Hamilton.

Other things at the institution don’t rhyme, but those are the most important non-rhymes.

And Schermerhorn. Literally nothing rhymes with that (at least nothing PG). 

And in the world, things that don’t rhyme include: rain drop, drop top, cleaning up shit with a mop mop. If you listen to KidzBop in a shop, stop. Bop bop bop bop to the top. Wait….

Refined Primal Socially Acceptable SCREEEEEAAAM via Bwog Staff