Campus pathways go from 0 to 100 in this tale of valor, romance, and betrayal.

Ever since the great Horse-and-Buggy Argument of 1892, Columbia has become world-renowned for its walkways.

This thesis paper will not deny this point.

Rather, this thesis paper will examine each of Columbia’s walkways and explain what amount out of 100 they are.

In order to carry out this task, we will make extensive use of eyesight and math. Both methodologies have been used for thousands of years, ever since the pyramids were constructed in Ancient Rome.

We will follow this analysis with a brief discussion of its implications for the fish.

So, strap in, everyone, because it’s time to buckle down your shoes, as we stroll down memory lane and assign percentages to our beloved walkways.

  1. Walkway in front of Sun Dial = 80%

2. Walkway in back of Journalism School = 40%

3. Walkway to side of Havemeyer = 15%

4. Path between St. Paul’s Chapel and Amsterdam Avenue = 90%

5. Low Steps = 85%

6. Walkway in front of Butler = 89%


Walking via PxHere

Horse and Buggy via Wikimedia Commons

Math via Wikimedia Commons

The Forbidden City via Wikimedia Commons

Reef and Walkway via Wikimedia Commons and Wikimedia Commons

Sun Dial via Wikimedia Commons

Walking via Public Domain Pictures

Central Park via Wikimedia Commons