The newly elected Class of 2025 Council attended their first general body meeting this week.

The meeting began with a reminder of upcoming events including the Explore NYC Initiative, which will be having its first trip this upcoming Thursday. The group will be going to One World Observatory. More information can be found on social media.

Next, Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (‘23) provided updates from meetings she attended this week. Dean Morrison shared that heaters will be installed in the tents around campus by the end of the month. She also attended a meeting about expansion plans for the university. 

Vice President of Policy Angel Mancera (‘23) relayed updated information about the dining situation from his meeting with Vice President of Facilities Scott Wright. As the student body recently was informed, indoor seating for dining will be starting this week. Currently, there are 1600 students on a dining plan, and there is seating capacity for 700 people. There is also a deal in the works with GrubHub that might enable students to order food using Flex dollars.

One complication with dining is that almost thirty dining workers retired before the start of the semester. The university is in the process of hiring and onboarding new staff. Until that time, expanded dining hours will likely not be feasible. 

Mancera is also working with other ESC members on drafting a proposal for a P/D/F policy for this semester. While this policy likely will not include classes within the technical requirements of a major, students may feel encouraged to explore academically in other areas if they can P/D/F those classes. 

Other members of the council welcomed the ESC Class of 2025 Council members and congratulated them on their successful election.

Lerner via Bwog Archives