Another week gone. Another eighteen JJs burgers in my body.

Bwog felt ~romance~:

  • went to a gay bar!!! drank pumpkin beer!!! felt the love ;)
  • did silly little tasks, but with my girlfriend, so it was fun
    • bought a trash can as per my girlfriend’s request
  • was the sexiest person at Bed Bath and Beyond
  • sent a very drunk aggressive text to my boyfriend. it was good and bad

Bwog became an ~academic~ and a ~philosopher~:

  • read about cults
    • talked about cults for two hours with my TA (SoulCycle, I’m looking at you) 
  • pondered my enrollment (weekly)
  • did no work whatsoever
  • skipped my first LitHum reading and felt accomplished
  • did like 1/8th of my readings 😤
  • turned in a half blank calculus midterm to which my professor responded with “really?” and I answered back “just take it” 
    • got a 50% on said midterm so hey technically I didn’t miss any of the shots I took
  • absorbed more information that my body can physically fit
  • wrote a really bad essay, decided to turn it in without editing
  • explained how this semester is like a transient class in a Markov chain aka a state that you will never end up stuck in forever, that you will eventually and invariably move out of. math is poetic maybe
  • read Judith Butler. felt things
  • wrote what I thought to be the best essay of my life, took a long walk discovering myself, went back and read the essay. stayed up until 3am fixing said essay

Bwog got intoxicated and did ~things~:

  • watched my friend have a silly little tipsy fall into a pile of trash bags on a Thursday night 
  • DWB!! 
  • made terrible drinking decisions. Consequently I had my first black out (scary, avoid that at all costs) and was drunk for approximately 24 hours (also don’t recommend)
  • got tricked into bottomless brunch 
    • found a really good bottomless brunch place (San Marzano is a steal)
  • got very sloshed and judged people’s birth charts

And lastly, Bwog ~girlbossed~:

  • flipped off Trump Tower
  • girlbossed too close to the sun

girlboss via Piqsels