It was homecoming! Was it a week like no other or like any other? You decide!

Bwog Netflixed:

  • started Squid Game right before my three midterms and am regretting it
  • started You on Netflix. Wondered if my phone password is secure enough
  • watched all of Squid Game. Got really really fucking sad

Bwog stepped:

  • found a loose headband that says “birthday girl” on the steps and wore it to hoco (it was not my birthday)
  • got mildly plastered on the steps
  • had a deep talk on the steps

Bwog disappointed (itself): 

  • tried a white claw surge. Did not enjoy it
  • tried weed for the first time. Did not get high. Tried weed for the second time. Did not get high. Disappointing. And the person I was sharing the weed with got high. Tf?!
  • made out on a fire escape. Quickly realized that the location was highly overrated
  • discovered I can no longer drink coffee. Upset
  • got literally one thing accomplished and that was it

Bwog religioned:

  • fully violated my entire religion. Oops
  • said “gay Jesus take the wheel” and did not study enough for my US Gay/Lesbian History midterm. May Professor Chauncey have mercy on us all but me especially

Bwog homecame (sort of?):

  • didn’t attend the homecoming game but glad to see that we won
  • got absolutely blasted at homecoming and had not a moment of a hangover because I followed my own Bwog post advice!! 
  • got ridiculously blasted at homecoming
    • did not follow Bwog post advice and was therefore very hungover
  • had a work shift during homecoming, making it the 3rd year I have missed homecoming because I worked a Saturday (2020 doesn’t count). I am now a senior who has never gone to homecoming which I am fine with
  • spent all of hoco in Butler 
  • Went HOME during HOMEcoming 
  • learned that Columbia does in fact have a football team! 
  • bought a Columbia sweater to wear at hoco. did not go to hoco
  • puck fenn

an alcoholic via Bwarchives and white claw via openfoodfacts