“Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup.”

The Diana Center – Tomato Soup

Classic and well-liked, Diana is one of the most palatable places on campus. It’s not mind-blowing, but it’s pretty popular and nicely kept. I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with it, just as I’ve never spoken to any soup-supporter that doesn’t like tomato soup. Sure, it may not be everyone’s top choice, but almost no one has a real issue with it. 

Barnard Hall – Lentil Soup

Like lentil soup, I wish I liked Barnard Hall a bit more. With its overwhelming and essentially unnecessary chunks and bits, lentil soup reminds me of the basement of Barnard Hall—so many twists and turns, and for what reason? Where are they leading? It’s all a bit too mysterious for my liking. Both Barnard Hall and lentil soup are a little confusing, a tad off-putting, and just doing a bit too much. Like, sure, I’ll eat lentil soup, but I’m not going to have a blast doing it. 

Furnald – Split Pea

Imagine a little bowl of warm, creamy, green pea soup. Shy, smart, and a bit nerdy, split pea soup is Furnald. I will elaborate no further. 

Butler – Water

It’s a cold, autumn day and you’ve just ordered a steamy soup. After waiting nearly an hour, it finally arrives at your table, and you just can’t wait to dig in. You dip your spoon into the soup and ladle it to your lips. Upon tasting the substance, however, you realize that it’s not soup at all but water! Sure, it’s not bad-tasting, but it’s certainly not what you were hoping for. It’s quite cold and a bit sad. Alas, this is Butler. 

Schermerhorn – Alphabet Soup

Somewhat confusing and over the top but kind of fun and quirky, alphabet soup reminds me of Schermerhorn, particularly the Schermerhorn exit. Each time I’ve been there, I’ve been surprised by how much there was going on from how little I saw: miniature exhibits, various academic wings, and elevators galore, Schermerhornlike alphabet soupis quite the adventure. 

Dodge Gym – Sicilian Fish Stew

Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate Dodge. It doesn’t smell great, yes, and perhaps it’s not the most welcoming place on campus per se, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi. Like the people in Dodge, the bits of fish inside this stew are hearty and packed with protein. Plus, Sicilian fish stew is warm, full of nutrients, and has a quite distinctive aroma. 

JJ’s Place – Hot and Spicy Shrimp Pho

Warm, welcoming, and tasty, hot and spicy shrimp pho is the perfect late night soup. Like the ingredients within this soup, the options to eat at JJ’s can vary, but it’s generally pretty consistently tasty, especially around 12 am. Plus, the music they play in JJ’s is the same exact music that plays in my head whenever I have pho. 

Carman – Broccoli Cheddar Soup

I’ve never been in Carman, and don’t feel a super strong need to go (especially considering the recent ‘Carman Cough’), but from what I’ve heard, it’s questionable to say the least. Likewise, broccoli cheddar soup is something I have no true desire to try, particularly as the idea of a cheese soup makes me nervous. There’s just a lot going on. What is it trying to prove?

Soup via PIXNIO