With cuffing season approaching, Bwog Staff has only one thing in mind: romance.

The weather gets colder and you start feeling the weight of your loneliness. I long for a warm body in your twin-sized bed, hands to hold while you walk around campus, or a permanent dining hall date. But, after a year of Zoom, do you still remember how to flirt? In this economy, how are you supposed to find the one? Have no fear! Bwog has compiled a list of the best places to have sexual tension. You will enter your Lover era in no time. We are rooting for you, kid.

On Campus

  • Fourth floor of Milstein.
    • Enjoy the delicious silent tension that builds.
    • Share a long table for the drama of it all.
  • At the painting studios in Dodge.
    • You artsy souls belong together.
  • Elevator rides: a slow and sexy choice.
    • Taking the Diana elevator to the fifth floor. 
    • While ascending to the seventh floor at Hamilton.
  • The line at Joe’s Coffee.
    • You order the same beverage: a dirty chai with almond milk.
    • You kiss passionately.
  • At St. Paul’s Chapel.
    • God? It’s me again.
  • In the communal bathroom of your choice.
    • Consider: the bathroom on Hamilton three with the giant gap in the stall door.
  • In the Covid Test line.
    • Being a responsible citizen is so hot.
  • At a round table in John Jay.
    • Reach for the ketchup at the same time and fall in love.
  • On the bench outside of EC.
  • At the Ferris vegan station.
    • So you both know you are better than everyone else!
  • Barnard mailroom line.
    • Wait for you newest purchase and for the love of your life.
  • Schermerhorn staircase X
    • What a place for illicit affairs!
  • At a Bwog Open Meeting.
    • Not thinking of anybody in particular…

Around Campus

  • Book Culture at 112th Street.
    • Make intense eye-contact at the new-releases table and watch sparks fly.
  • Neighboring seats in the audience of an improv show.
    • When you laugh at the same corny jokes…
    • That’s when you know it’s fated.
  • Benches in Riverside Park in the mid-morning.
    • Preferably both reading obscure poetry…
    • Or facing the soccer field.
      • Bonus points if people are playing soccer terribly at the same time.
  • Aisles on aisles
    • The Duane Reade chip aisle
    • The Morton Williams beer aisle
    • The Walgreen’s feminine products aisle
  • The median between Broadway and Columbia at 117th street
    • Run into each other’s arms. Now.
  • The 115th street Halal cart.
    • There are few things sexier than sharing a plate of falafel and a Diet Coke.

porno set via Bwarchives