Two greats. Two tragedies.

Happening in the World: Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection and the founder of Off-White, died on Sunday at the age of 41. He had been diagnosed with a type of cancer called cardiac angiosarcoma in 2019 and had kept the diagnosis private. In addition to being a clothing designer, he was also an artist, a DJ, and the parent of two children (BBC).

Happening in the US: Matthew McConaughey, a famous actor, announced on Sunday that he would not run for governor of Texas. McConaughey had been considering running for governor, and, according to preliminary polls, faced higher odds of election than Beto O’Rourke—a Democratic gubernatorial candidate (NYT).

Happening in NYC: Broadway actors and fans gathered in Times Square on Sunday to pay respects to the great composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim. Sondheim, who died on Friday at age 91, wrote West Side Story, Sweeney Todd, and many other musicals. Recently, he had also seen two theatrical revivals of his previous works (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: Today, happening at 1 pm, will be an event at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory entitled “To break or not to break: engineering approaches to coastal ecosystems.” See more details and information about a Zoom option here.

Times Square via Bwarchives