Let’s ignore the fact that I can’t run.

Happening in the World: Positive virus cases and death rates are at an all-time high in Russia, despite being one of the first countries with access to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Aiming to flatten the curve of positivity rates, Russian President Vladimir Putin mandated a week-long workplace hiatus, moving most jobs to a remote setting. Additionally, multiple regions of Russia have started shutting down non-essential services (ABC News). 

Happening in the US: Rappers Travis Scott and Drake are facing multiple lawsuits after their “Astroworld” festival turned deadly last Friday. Hundreds of people were injured and at least eight people were killed after the crowd got out of control. Many lawsuits, filed on behalf of the victims and their families, allege that Scott and Drake are at fault for not only inciting the crowd but for also working with a concert producer at a venue that wasn’t safe for the number of people who attended (BBC). 

Happening in NYC: The NYC Marathon celebrates its 50th anniversary! Sunday’s race took place all over the city, including major spectator spots at Bay Ridge, Gowanus, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg, Harlem, and Central Park. Over 30,000 runners joined the event, and thousands of spectators—equipped with cow bells and posters and pom-poms, obviously—lined the streets to watch the race (Gothamist). 

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NYC Marathon via Flickr