Bwog really felt it this week. Send love. Please.

Another week, another shit-fest. Have a great break!

Bwog bartied:

  • drank way too much because of my suspicion that Bwogsgiving sangria didn’t actually contain alcohol, felt awful the next morning.
  • yes, I had too much tequila. yes, I regretted it. yes, I’ll do it again.
  • won at beer pong even though my aim is terrible.

Bwog begretted:

  • after a night of partying took the subway to Queens at 2 am for a hook up. got home at 6:30 am and experienced regret.
  • got super depressed over my relationship with my boyfriend and questioned why I am putting myself through hell.
  • lost my fake ID.
  • got very drunk and left my belongings at a fr*t house (I did get them back).

Bwog belt it: 

  • cried in the Milstein 1 bathroom.
  • got high on my fire escape, got high in Riverside Park, got high on 113th St.
  • fought demons (dry skin).
  • within a week, fucked two men who had the exact same birthday (they’re both turning 24 on Thanksgiving).
  • played therapist for too many people.

Bwog btudied: 

  • asked for an extension on an essay, then realized that I gave myself work to do over break.
  • wrote the worst essay in my college career. felt embarrassed.
  • had almost no human contact for a week and just watched The Office and Tik Tok and felt my mind melt.
  • put off writing my thesis (am still putting off writing my thesis).
  • didn’t do any homework for this week!! life’s so fun, life’s so fun <3

Bwog bxperimented:

  • did stand up for the first time and fell in love with it.
  • learned how to DJ a little.

rat living place via Bwarchives