Home alone? More like in at home, in college, and lost

Another week, and another round-up of what our Bwog staffers have been doing—or what we haven’t…

Bwog worked:

  • stayed in on Thursday/Friday and studied for an exam that I most certainly got a 30 on.
  • learned that I failed my midterm from a few weeks ago. 22% babyyyyyyyy.
  • discovered to my delight that my brain was actually working this weekend so I did indeed learn some math!
  • did two hours of work this weekend. 
  • did no work. Have 2 midterms I’m about to fail. Help.

Bwog lived:

  • procrastinated with sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
  • drank some grape juice at 2 am.
  • had a surreal experience riding the train at 2am from Brooklyn: a random subway station that was comically large and featured an operating Dunkin; the two train running local for some reason; two kids riding Citi Bikes blasting Christmas music; getting the hiccups for a literal hour and not being able to stop them until I got off the train.
  • ate bratwurst and watched the hail on the Lower East Side.
  • danced at night on a pier by Shakespeare Garden with my Tinder date, drank Four Lokos to make it an even more ~romantic~ experience.

Bwog lost it:

  • lost my voice.
    • temporarily lost my coat and my ID. 
    • certainly lost my self respect.
  • had my face eaten alive by a mosquito even though it’s mid-November.
    • was on hold with TeleHealth urgent care until 5 am due to said bug bites.
  • met the archbishop of the Orthodox Church of America.

And lastly, Bwog bonded:

  • talked to my cousin about partying and rebelling. Learned a lot about each other. Family bonding. Also I’m definitely the better behaved cousin.
  • met some very cool people I want to be friends with.

NYC mosh fuck via Flicker