Time with family means fucked up stories!

Bwog had a great Bwogsgiving, and Bwog staffers had an equally great Thanksgiving?

Bwog familied: 

  • sang God Bless America with my Grandma because it’s one of the only songs she remembers. Did not feel patriotic. Did feel love for my family.
  • asked, “Where’s Tess?” at Thanksgiving and awkwardly learned that my parents did not tell me that one of my relative’s dogs died.
  • my plans to sneak out and party were foiled by my Dad’s fucked up work schedule (he’s on Zoom in Australia’s time zone from New York from a place in the house where he very much would’ve noticed me leaving late at night).
  • listened to my great Grandma sing Yiddish songs.
  • walked into my great Grandma’s apartment and saw this strange contraption with pedals and a wheel and things attached to it. 
  • my Grandma asked me who I was marrying. I’m very much single.

Bwog Thanksgivinged:

  • got my booster and felt ill all of Thanksgiving day!
  • started Thanksgiving morning by consuming ginger turmeric shots, CBD honey, and 6 clementines with my high school best friends Mom.
  • had espresso martinis with the bestie. Got too chatty at the Thanksgiving dinner.
  • dogsat a very stubborn golden retriever named Bob.
  • spent Thanksgiving with said dog and Pride and Prejudice (2005). No regrets.
  • spent seven hours in a Greenpoint bar for Thanksgiving (it was a family event).

Bwog relationshiped:

  • broke up with my boyfriend after nearly two years. But we are seeing each other again next week?
  • held my boyfriend’s baby nephew for the first time :’)
  • got my flu shot eek. my boyfriend accompanied me and bought me ghiradelli chocolate. 
  • my former hook up got into a monogamous relationship and now we just send each other memes.
  • explored my gender by coming out to random cishet men on Tinder, seeing their reactions, and seeing how I felt.

Bwog did bizarre things:

  • committed to letting a guy sleep over in my dorm tomorrow despite never having met him.
  • followed the religion I grew up with for the first time in a long time.
  • made a friend at a coffee shop. She turns nine in March.
  • Drank four different IPAs because I’m turning into that kind of guy.
  • participated in capitalism.

a realistic thanksgiving via Bwarchives