When asked what they did this week, one Bwogger responded, “What day is it?”

Another week, and another bizarre list of what Bwog did….

Bwog studied:

  • I went to one lecture last week. 
  • Had an essay due Tuesday night and two midterms on Wednesday. Convinced myself the registrar was attempting to kill me.
  • Wrote feverishly for two days straight in order to finish all my assignments before the due date at the end of the week.
  • Did not write my essay.
  • Did laughably little homework.
  • What day is it?

Bwog broke appliances:

  • Saw my whole bathroom fall apart. My sink isn’t attached to the wall, and I don’t know enough about sinks to comprehend the fact that water is still coming out.
  • Maybe broke our oven. But I think we’re getting a new one so actually, you’re welcome suitemates.
  • Bleached the bathtub.

Bwog sexed:

  • Went on a Tinder date that I somehow assumed was a just-friends thing. It wasn’t. I also accidentally agreed to a second date because I couldn’t hear her over the sound of the subway.
  • Met up with a guy from Tinder and had an excellent conversation and equally excellent sex. Had him over the next night and it was just as fun. 
    • The guy I hooked up with made contact with about ⅔ of my dorm mates as he left my dorm. 
  • Got drunk and potentially lost my virginity but virginities are a social construct.

Bwog went to multiple ~functions~:

  • Screamed Nicki’s verses at the function two nights in a row. On the third night I could barely talk. But a barb never quits. 
  • Got high with some Bwoggers in Riverside after the DWB and met some crossed dude on a Citi Bike who told us about his academic and music career.

Bwog did weird things with food:

  • Ate cabbage for breakfast while hungover and got really nauseous for a hot sec.
  • Had the best soup of my entire life.
  • Drank a full cup of whole milk for the first time in over a year. Milk’s got hands, folks…

one Bwogger’s kitchen via Pxfuel