Shall I compare thee to what I could only imagine crack addicts delight in?

How desperate I must be to play your game.

My body yearns for you, I’m beset by shame.

Time and time again I’ve traveled down this road,

I know all your tricks—you’re hot, then you’re cold.

I see you in her hand, held close in a hug.

How dare you taunt me. So proud, so (s)mug.

An early fall day, a midterm round the way,

I crave you, I do, so I’m off to the café. 

It’s in these bleak days you haunt my mind most.

No sleep, nothing to eat. My body, your perfect host.

So typical of you to want me when I’m weak.

How strong you must feel as you conquer the meek.

There you sit in steamy perfection

Your musk, strong enough to cause an—excited smile.

Risen to my lips, I taste bitter. Dissonance.

Stripped am I, of my chai latte innocence.

My body is your symphony, how productive you’ve made me,

I’m turning in problem sets and reading Homer in HD.

And then it hits. So quickly you’ve rearranged me within.

I make my way swiftly to the NoCo bathroom, women’s.

And so you have helped me, how could there be a mistake?

But it’s been six hours, and my limbs only shake.

Anxiety grows quick, I feel sick, the world turns,

So I swear you off for good (or at least a couple months), regretting how much you burn (my taste buds, every damn time).

Lovely Lattes via Bwog Archives