Don’t study today and you’ll be happy today.

Bwogline: Moderna released results from its study that show a third shot of its vaccine provide a significant in increase in antibodies and can prevent infection from the Omicron variant. According to Moderna, 50 micrograms of its vaccine—the current authorized dose—can increase the level of antibodies 37-fold. The full data has not been published or peer reviewed as of now (NYT).

Study Tip: Hide your phone! Put that thing away! If you can see your phone on the table it will distract you, your brain will think what cool things can I do on this device right now instead of studying. So put that shit away. Zip it up in your backpack, give it to a friend, throw it off a roof!

Music of the Day: Please listen to “Long Season” by Fishmans. Please. If you need to study, this will help! I promise! For some background, it’s a 35 minute song with some lyrics occasionally in a different language. It is beautiful. It is an emotional experience. Listen to the whole thing. Don’t skip around.

Procrastination Tip: Do your laundry. It takes a solid two hours and then you’ll have clean clothes, sheets, and towels!

Overseen/Overheard: I saw a man yesterday running around SoHo dressed as a chicken yelling, “Eat Me.” It was strange.

your procrastination via Bwarchives