Is Shrek love? Is Shrek life? To the CU student who referred to themselves as Shrek: are you okay?

Bwogline: New York City bans the installation and use of natural gas lines in new buildings. NYC’s city council voted to pass the motion on Wednesday evening. The ban, which hopes to reduce a major source of NYC’s carbon emissions, gives builders just under four years to comply (NPR).

Study Tip: Break up your study time. Whether this means switching study locations, taking the bathroom break you think you don’t need, or going out and getting your ninth coffee of the day, incorporate breaks into your routine.  

Music of the Day: Back to December by Taylor Swift. Listen, I know it’s bad for me to be giving money to people who are Not Taylor Swift, but it’s a classic. Call me basic, call me depressed, just listen to it. And Taylor, release your version soon, please. 

Procrastination Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts for the holidays, do it now, during finals. Wrap them accordingly and learn to curl ribbon while you’re at it.   

Overseen/Overheard: “Exam week makes me feel like Shrek, and not in a good way.”

ogre-rific jump scare via Wikimedia Commons