‘Tis the season, as they say!

Happening in the World: According to German authorities, an abandoned bomb from World War II exploded within a construction site—which stands alongside a popular train line—in Munich on Wednesday. The explosion wounded four people, one of whom was critically injured. Even though the war ended over 75 years ago, unexploded bombs are still being found in Germany and are regularly discovered when working on construction sites (ABC).

Happening in the US: Democrat and activist Stacey Abrams officially announced her candidacy for the state of Georgia’s gubernatorial election in 2022. The announcement, which has been publicly speculated for a few months, was confirmed on Wednesday. Additionally, her participation in the election enhances the current political emphasis on Georgia, which has become one of the nation’s most important battleground states (NPR).

Happening in NYC: New York’s favorite artisanal doughnut chain is now kosher-certified, much to the delight of NYC’s Jewish community! Throughout the month of November, Dough Doughnuts worked hard and baked harder to officially grant kosher certification to every single item on their menu. Their new kosher status, which has been a major goal for the company since 2017, was officially achieved just in time for this year’s Hannukah (JTA).

Happening in Our Community: It’s that time of year, folks. Tree lighting time! Join the Columbia Community at 5 pm on College Walk for a fun time (and free hot chocolate, if you don’t mind freezing your [redacted] off for half an hour beforehand). More info here.

Dough Doughnuts via NY Daily News