Yay for Parliamentary voting.

Happening in the World: Conversion therapy is officially illegal in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new law on Wednesday, which bans advertising for programs or treatments intended to change someone’s sexual orientation (CNN). 

Happening in the US: The US Senate struck down the Biden Administration’s proposed bill to mandate vaccination and testing requirements in workplaces. The vote was largely symbolic, as the proposal is unlikely to be taken up by Democratic House leaders. The White House has stated that if it reaches President Biden’s desk, he will veto it (NPR). 

Happening in NYC: Parents and guardians will soon be able to upload photos of their children’s vaccination cards to NYC’s COVID SAFE app. The update to the app, which was announced Wednesday, will make it easier for families to navigate NYC’s vaccination policies. According to Mayor De Blasio, the updated app interface in conjunction with NYC’s new vaccination requirements for children should be an incentive for parents to vaccinate their children in preparation for winter (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: Come on down to The Harriman Institute today at 12 pm to listen to Kateryna Iakovlenko introduce Stone Hits Stone. This new book, which was edited, curated, and co-written by Iakovlenko discusses topics through the practice of artists Nikita Kadan, including Ukrainian history, political violence, and Soviet utopia. You can attend the talk in-person (CUID holders only), via Zoom, or watch on YouTube live. More info here.

LGBT Lives Matter via AIIA