They say the truth comes from the mouth of babes. We say the truth comes from Columbia professors’ closing remarks.

On the life after their class:

“If you didn’t like this class, well, I guess that’s good because then you won’t do it for a living.”

On the state of the world:

“Are you all very depressed? Well, if you are, that’s very natural. But there have been worse times, I guess, and…well…yeah…I’ll say a few words about the final.”

On finals:

“Ah! We’re ending LitHum with a quiz!”

“A college student cheating on a final is stupid. You know what’s even more stupid? A grad student cheating on a final.”

On religion, for some reason:

“Jesus said on the cross, ‘It is finished.’ And now, for the semester, this class is finished.”

And from Bwog:

Have a happy winter break, Barnumbia. See you two weeks after the semester begins! (A joke.)

A painting of Jesus on the cross via Bwog Archives