Finals didn’t stop Bwog from living it up. Well, actually, it sort of did.

During the last week of school Bwog, uh, had fun?

Bwog did finals:

  • studied. Studied. Didn’t study. Studied again. Studied some more. Studied in my room. Studied in Butler. Studied in Milstein. 
  • tried to study with a friend but wound up talking about why I sincerely hope there is no afterlife instead.
  • made the Milstein lower level my study oasis.
  • cranked out some good essays and some bad essays but at least they are done.
  • got asked very personal questions as part of a final project.
  • winged my final.
  • didn’t study for my final but then it went online. felt relieved. 
  • spent 24 hours over the course of two days on a final exam. Still bombed it, horrendously. 

Bwog went home:

  • almost all my friends left and I barely got to say goodbye :-(
  • started packing :(
  • flew home. Sat in the plane for an hour before taking off because, quote, “the brakes needed to cool off.”
  • decided to overturn all my previous plans and go home two days early. Deuces, nyc!

Bwog ate:

  • ate large amounts of spicy Mexican candy before having a meeting with my ADHD psychologist. I had to get up and go to the bathroom three times in the hour-long session to avoid shitting my pants. I was trying so hard to answer his questions but all I could focus on was not pooping on my chair. I was sweating buckets and gripping my desk like it was my last tether to the mortal world.
  • ate almost exclusively dairy (cheese and ice cream) #flexingmyabilitytomakesufficientlactase.
  • ate home food and almost cried because I realized I eat garbage at school.

Bwog drank:

  • I honestly can’t remember anything that happened before yesterday.
  • sent some truly unintelligible drunk texts and realized drunk me must be kept away from the phone.
  • started day drinking again.
  • did not drink enough water.
  • drank a lot and realized my ex was a shitty boyfriend. 
    • then got depressed. 
    • then listened to “Happier Than Ever” on repeat for an hour.

not me because i don’t work this hard via Bwarchives