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Happening in the World: Jonathan the tortoise became the world’s oldest chelonian (turtle/terrapin/tortoise) this year, turning 190 years old in his St. Helena home. Take some time today to wish Jonathan a happy birthday! (Guinness World Records News)

Happening in the US: In 2021, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods helped spare at least 630,000 animals’ lives with their meat alternatives. The non-profit World Animal Protection (WAP ;)) estimates that this number was likely closer to a million lives saved. (Plant Based News)

Happening in NYC: Queens native Jen Acosta was reunited with her Old English Bulldog on Saturday in Tennessee, over a thousand miles away from where she went missing five years ago. (NBC New York)

Happening in Our Community: It’s the first day of classes! Put yourself out there and message someone in your lecture! Make a new friend!

Song of the Day: Your favorite sidekick by underscores feat. 8485

a real life animal house via maya’s photoshop