Traveling home for the holidays didn’t keep Bwog away from our usual shenanigans!

Bwog had a truly wild Winter break!

Bwog traveled the world:

  • Endured two hours of turbulence on a plane ride
  • Flew on the emptiest plane I have ever seen. It was so empty the flight attendant was laughing as she did a head count.

Bwog saw the hoes, the bros, and the nos:

  • Saw my ex way too much
  • Fell more in love with my boyfriend
  • Someone I barely talked to in high school slid into my DMs and I got so nervous about it I left them on delivered until I knew they went back to college. In Canada.  
  • Forced my brother and my friend to watch Arcane
  • Bought bikinis with my mother
  • Got drunk for FREE!!! thanks to my friend’s boyfriend

Bwog indulged in some serious R&R:

  • Spent a considerable amount of time doing nothing
  • Did not think about a single, single damn thing
  • Did two (2) puzzles
  • Hung out at a beach all day and thought of nothing
  • Slept.
  • Told myself I would apply to summer stuff and didn’t
    • Now have 10 tabs of summer stuff open on my laptop

Bwog devoured media:

  • Finally watched Ted Lasso and became a Jason Sudeikis stan  
  • Read two (2) books! (Awakenings by Oliver Sacks and Tin Man by Sarah Winman)
  • Binged watched one (1) TV show.
  • Watched Succession until 3 am most nights
  • Watched Twilight for the first time and terrorized my roommate with the iconic Baseball Scene

Bwog made some furry friends:

  • My neighbors cat just decided to live at our house for a few days which was lovely <3
  • Met the most jellicle cat
  • Met a kitten named Wolfgang
  • Went around and took photos with all the cow statues in the county.
  • Saw the crustiest of white dogs

Bwog got scary:

  • My town was giving out take-home rapid tests and they were going to start passing them out at noon. People began lining up at 9:30 am. The town started passing them out then. They ran out of tests at 11:30 am. Facebook page started BEEFING.
  • Survived a white elephant gift exchange.
  • Found and went through my great grandfather’s book of photos and recollections from his time as a Navy surgeon in WWII. Stared at a photo of him posing mid-removing his friend’s appendix.
  • Finished a D&D campaign by committing murder
  • Got threatened and almost beaten up in a parking lot for taking the last parking space

Bwog got sporty:

  • Was mediocre at surfing 
  • Skiied hungover for four days straight
  • Went skiing!
    • …broke my glasses skiing. They are now hot-glued together.

Bwog got posh:

  • Inherited the family jewels
  • Ate caviar and drank champagne and made chocolate lava cakes for NYE and went to bed at 10!! 

Bwog ran out of Spice Girls-related content :(( …There’s always next week!

a very cozy home via the Bwarchives