What else did we do besides force ourselves to adjust to time zones and pray for SSOL not to crash? Read to find out. 

Here at Bwog, we had a successful first week of (online) school. Here’s what we did.

Bwog watched things:

  • Got an unexpected invite to Trevor Noah’s show on Friday night! Had too many trump jokes to be a funny set but he had a few good bits
  • Finished Succession and searched for S4 in a panic the second i finished S3E9 because for some reason i was under the impression that it was a completed show which was why everyone was binging and i felt an immediate Cousin Greg withdrawal
  • Watched first reformed and was never the same
  • Texted my friend “what could you possibly want while i’m watching Euphoria” after she called me and then she sent me a photo of her crying. i sent her a One Direction meme and called her back this morning.
  • Watched a lot of TV and did not a lot of reading for my classes 

Bwog entered their emo era:

  • Felt very overwhelmed by everything
  • Read two shitty YA novels in an attempt to feel like a human again 
  • Got really mad at ppl on the plane wearing fabric masks BELOW THEIR NOSES
  • Yearned for my roommate’s presence. i miss her :(

Bwog conquered:

  • Fought demons (the registrar) 
  • Experienced Hell (a 3-minute, one-way interview)
  • Finally learned to drive on the highway after getting my license four years ago 

Bwog earned a culinary (read: consumption) mastery:

  • Made a lot of chocolate chip cookies, ate a lot of raw cookie dough (no salmonella!), and argued with a boy on Hinge about the value of raw cookie dough
  • Drank a whole gallon of iced tea
  • Had some bomb ass boba
  • Remembered how good the dino nuggets in jjs place hit
  • Made an Earl Grey tea loaf! it was totally raw in the middle. Prue and Paul would’ve eviscerated me. but then i put it back in the oven and it re-formed into one loaf like something out of Stranger Things.
  • Flew in from across the country, ordered dim sum at 12:15am
  • Entered my shallot era

And the most amazing thing Bwog did this week? Bwog saw a unicorn!:

  • Didn’t have registration issues for classes :-)

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows via picbay