Between Minneapolis and Moscow, there’s been a lot of discussion lately.

Happening in the World: Prior to talks with Vladimir Putin today, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that it is possible to avoid conflict in Ukraine. While reiterating that Ukraine’s sovereignty must be protected, Macron raised concerns about the US’s approach to Ukraine tensions. President Macron also stated his belief that open dialogue with Russia on the question would be enough to prevent open war. (BBC)

Happening in the US: On Saturday, hundreds of protesters held a rally at Minneapolis’s Government Plaza to protest the fatal police shooting of Amir Locke. The crowd, remaining peaceful, gathered to demand justice for the Minneapolis Police Department’s exercise of a “no-knock” raid on Locke’s home. Two days prior, Minneapolis police stated that Locke was not named in the warrant and that it was unclear whether Locke was tied to the investigation for which the warrant was served. (Reuters)

Happening in NYC: Also on Saturday, ten people were injured in a fire in a Bronx apartment building. The fire broke out in a third-floor apartment, where it then spread throughout the rest of the building after the door to the apartment was left open. The apartment’s management had been issued a violation for failing to install self-closing doors before the fire. Nobody was fatally injured. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Interested in climate science? Do you want to learn more about the ways that climate scientists incorporate Indigenous knowledge into the fight against global warming? Register for the online Co-production of Knowledge and a Path for Inclusive Climate Science talk today from 5 to 6:30 pm by clicking here.

A protest via Bwarchives