On today’s Bwoglines, China’s relationship with Russia amid crisis in Ukraine.

Happening in the World: Previously operating under the supposition that Russia had no intention of waging war against Ukraine, China reconsiders its stance on the crisis in Ukraine and counsels President Vladimir Putin to negotiate with Ukraine and its officials. Having recently chosen to forge stronger ties with Russia, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, had dismissed the potential of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and now facing the reality of Mr. Putin’s full-scale attack on Ukraine as said that he, “supports Russia and Ukraine to resolve issues through negotiations.” During a phone conversation with Xi Jinping, Mr. Putin claimed that Russia was readying for talks with Ukraine having recently acquired messages from Kyiv. (WSJ)

Happening in the US: The CDC has changed its metrics for quantifying COVID-19 risk in communities in the United States. The new standard of measurement is based in three factors: the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, hospital capacity of COVID-19 patients, and reported new COVID-19 cases. Additionally, it has been stated that approximately 70% of the United States population currently resides in a county where COVID-19 risk is moderately low, and for residents of these communities, it is unnecessary to wear a mask unless an individual fits into the category of “increased risk” for COVID-19 and its subsequent health complications. (CNN

Happening in New York: Coming to Broadway in the fall of 2022 is a new musical comedy that pushes the boundaries of a coming-of-age tale. Kimberly Akimbo is the story of 15-year-old Kimberly Levaco, played by 62-year-old actress Victoria Clark, who lives with a genetic condition that causes her to age significantly faster than other children her age. The musical sheds light on the invigorating and bold qualities of adolescence that are dulled out by adult life and reminds everyone about the dwindling nature of time. The production features cast and crew members who have previously taken part in shows like Dear Evan Hansen, The Light in the Piazza, and Head Over Heels. (NYT)

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Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping at Beijing Olympics via Wikimedia Commons