Housing selection is right around the corner—what better way to pick your dorm for next year than by choosing your favorite Taylor Swift album?

  • Debut – Furnald
    • Just like Taylor’s self-titled, debut album, Furnald is severely underrated and a fantastic place to start your career. John Jay and Carman inhabitants will say that you “Should’ve Said No,” but with spacious singles, floor kitchens, and adjustable AC and heat, Furnald is more than just a “Picture to Burn.”
  • Fearless (Taylor’s Version) – McBain
    • A primarily sophomore dorm for Taylor’s sophomore album, you have to be a little bit Fearless to live in McBain. While the noisiness and possibility of being in a shafted double might make you wish you were on “The Other Side Of The Door,” McBain, like Fearless, does have some bangers. The super social atmosphere means you’ll never have to say “Bye Bye Baby” to your friends, and the computer lounge and fitness room will have you feeling like a “Superstar.”
  • Speak Now – Broadway
    • Another underappreciated dorm, Broadway is perfect for upperclassmen who want to “Never Grow Up” and stay right on campus. Like Speak Now, Broadway is a no-skip album; it boasts air conditioning, large singles with closets, music practice rooms, and gorgeous views. Overall, Broadway Hall is “Better Than Revenge.”
  • Red (Taylor’s Version) – John Jay
    • It probably comes as no surprise that Jake G.’s former freshman dorm is listed as Red, but there’s more to it, I promise. John Jay’s location above a dining hall means you can “Stay Stay Stay” in to eat, especially nice for when NYC is in a state of “Forever Winter.” John Jay is mostly singles, which is exactly we want to stay after listening to the ten-minute “All Too Well.”
  • 1989 – East Campus
    • Can’t you just picture Taylor’s 1989 girl-gang living it up in EC? Although it’s everything but “Clean,” the apartment or townhouse layouts will have you and your friends living in “Style.” The perfect “Welcome to New York,” EC is the least dorm-like of all the on-campus residence halls, perfect for anyone who relates to “New Romantics.”
  • Reputation – Carlton Arms
    • Carlton isn’t like other girls; the farthest dorm from campus, she’s on her own, away from the drama, taking some time for herself. This residence hall features large suites and a “Gorgeous” view of the Hudson for west-facing rooms. This is a solid choice for larger groups looking for a suite, but “Don’t Blame Me” if you start to get sick of the walk.
  • Lover – Woodbridge
    • Notorious for being one of the couples dorms on campus, Woodbridge is a fantastic choice for anyone in their Lover era. Just like Lover, Woodbridge has a few skips, such as the lack of air conditioning and somewhat far location on Riverside, but its apartment-style doubles will remind you that “It’s Nice To Have A Friend” (and a private kitchen!).
  • Folklore & Evermore – Wallach & Hartley
    • The fan-favorite sister albums are, of course, assigned to sister dorms Wallach and Hartley. Living in Hartley gives you easy access to the hospitality desk, which is nice for those of you who lose your ID twice a week (calling myself out here, but I promise, “this is me trying”). Although I’ve heard complaints that these residence halls aren’t the cleanest, you’ll learn to “tolerate it” for its convenient proximity to John Jay and JJ’s.

Taylor Swift via Wikimedia