Katy Perry had something to say about this…

Bwog’s weekend started off frigid:

  • Spent 40+ hours in Lerner. Legally, this counts as my job
  • Tried to go to a bar that ended up not existing; it was a Duane Reade
  • Spent too much time stressing
    • Spent too much time studying
    • Spent too much money 
  • Got high with a friend and explored UTS. Got very lost trying to find our way out
  • Walked into a glass door in front of a lab full of students

But, all of a sudden, warmth!:

  • Saw Hasan Minhaj! Laughed so hard
    • Was one of the many who saw Hasan Minhaj and it was so so amazing
    • Hello everyone who also saw Hasan Minhaj (as did every brown person in NYC)
  • Made my friend’s bed when she was out. Then helped a friend organize her desk and, by extension, her room
  • Watched the Donda 2 livestream in IMAX and cried a little; I forgot what it was like to be surrounded by other Kanye fans
  • Went to a Marina concert! But I was standing behind a pole and therefore couldn’t really see anything and it was too crowded for me to move. But I got to scream “How To Be A Heartbreaker” at the top of my lungs and remembered that I am a bad bitch
  • Was uncertain that I could ever finish all the work that needed to be finished. Miraculously, most of it got finished 
  • Had a wholesome game night with my best friends and played God Banker in Monopoly
  • Bonded with friends while drunk. Don’t remember the bonding, but I know we are bonded
  • Got a free Lerner hat. Suede? Not suede? Who cares. It’s adorable

Then, Bwog’s weekend cooled off a little too much:

  • Got carded for the first time since turning 21 <3
  • Tried and failed to bar hop on the Lower East Side for a friend’s birthday
  • Cut curtain bangs in the quad bathroom as my friend dyed her hair purple. So Barnard!
  • Suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
    • Took arms against a sea of troubles
    • Did not, by opposing, end them
  • Saw Columbia students violently mosh. Felt uncomfortable
  • Spent six hours in Mudd judging high school debates

Now, Bwog’s stuck in tolerable weather:

  • Re-entered my Puffbar era for one night only 
  • Saw a cannabis truck 
  • Got plastered from one marg at The Heights 
  • Came up with the idea of No Match March and tried to convince all my friends to delete their dating apps for a month in solidarity (do it!)
  • Got tipsy in another Columbia building

Cloud via Pixabay