Bwog channeled its cowboy spirit—adventurousness, alcoholism, and general uncleanliness—over the last week.

The Good:

  • Called my great-grandma (whom I love very much) who went on a mini rant against metal (the exact genre of music I had been listening to moments earlier) and taught me how to make a Polish soup
  • Made passion fruit mousse because I’m marriage material
  • Went to The Shed art installation where I became a spider and was engrossed in total darkness while “hearing the universe” (10/10 got to walk on a life-sized spider web)
  • Had a cringey photoshoot with my friend at midnight in front of the fearless girl statue
  • Went to an insanely cathartic concert with my girlfriend. I love screaming in public
  • Did stand up. Enjoyed
    • Also did stand up. Also enjoyed (I luv my lineage)
  • Took a walk through riverside park and felt bliss
  • Danced to 1D in a room full of sad former 1D/current Harry Styles stans
    • Reawakened my love for 1D
  • Drank mulled wine in the cold which was lovely but did not stop me from losing feeling in my toes
  • Read depressing books that made me sad, but were really well-written

The Bad:

  • Perfectly contrasted the sad-but-well-written novel with trashy-but-entertaining reality TV
  • Spent time thinking about how one might get on the “Notable Recluses” board in the Met’s Asian Art wing
  • Waited in line for 30 minutes at Eataly only to find out that the wait for a table would be at least another 45 minutes
  • Got food poisoned
  • Feared for my life riding the 1 after midnight
  • Went to the 80th floor of the One World Trade Center but I forgot my legal ID so I had to show my Barnard ID and the security guards laughed at me because it’s not an actual ID
  • Slept through my econ class, and my econ class’ pop quiz 

The Ugly:

  • Reached my pasta limit. No more
  • Learned my friend has a crush on me. It’s not reciprocated
  • Made chicken and rice soup and stained every kitchen utensil I own with turmeric
  • Battled demons—the flu—but didn’t know it was the flu so did little to change my behavior
  • Was converted from White Claws to Bud Light seltzers
  • Met two MFA students on the train, one of whom said to me in the drunkest tone, “I think NFTs are the future”
  • Ate “Boston” “pizza” and felt very lucky to live in New York 

The Unspeakable:

  • Hooked up with someone as The Bee Movie played in the background. On multiple separate occasions with different people

Cowboy riding off… out of the sunset? via Pixabay