This week’s agenda included a GSSCxDeans Town Hall update, a Senior Facebook Group announcement, and more MetroCards for midterms.                  

Student Body President Serengeti Timungwa (GS ‘22) started this week’s meeting by thanking GSSC’s campus life committee for all of the incredible events they’ve put on recently. She asked GSSC members to ensure they clear time to volunteer at these events, as not only will that make the event more fun for GS students but can help GSSC members get their name out there for future elections.

Timungwa announced that the GSSC x Deans Townhall will take place on March 1, 2022, at 8:15 PM with Dean Rodgers and Dean Rosen-Metsch. Council members can submit questions via a shared form. Non-GSSC members with specific questions should contact a council member with the idea.   

Next, VP of Communications Brain Laurito (GS ‘22) informed GSSC members of a new Senior Facebook group, called Columbia GS 2022.

The group is run by the GSSC Communications Committee in coordination with Senior Class President Rae Harris (GS ‘22) and Senior Class Vice President Nick Li (GS ‘22). 

VP of Campus life Cole Wagner (GS ‘22) advertised an upcoming event, Glass House Rocks. GSSC members are encouraged to volunteer to help with merch, food, tech, and more. More information about the event will be publicized soon. 

Finally, in new business, three motions for money allocation were set and passed: $110 for additional MetroCards for midterm transportation, $120 for a Dual BA/Trivia Presentation, and $500 for pizza and non-alcoholic drinks at the Town Hall with the Deans to encourage in-person attendance.

To conclude the meeting, non-GSSC member Donggeun Lee (GS ‘22) asked about senior events that he heard have happened in the past. Senior Class President Rae Harris (GS ‘22) and Senior Class Vice President Nick Li (GS ‘22) clarified that the events Lee mentioned, such as “40s on 40”  are not affiliated with GSSC but encourage seniors to attend the numerous GSSC-sponsored events.

Next week, I anticipate further preparations for both Glass House Rocks and the GSSCxDeans Town Hall.

Header via Bwog Archives