This week’s agenda included ECAC updates, a First Year Welcome Pack giveaway, and a MilVets Cosponsorship proposal.

Student Body President Serengeti Timungwa (GS ’22) began this week’s meeting by welcoming GSSC back to in-person meetings. 

Timungwa announced that the Election Commission Appointment Committee, which handles spring elections, met this week to decide on a timeline for electing an Election Chairperson. They decided that the chairperson will be appointed by March 1, 2022, to allow for enough time for spring elections. More information will be included in the GSSC newsletter.

The Student Trustee subcommittee was formed last week, so GSSC is looking to fill the subcommittee with members. These positions will be open to both GSSC and non-GSSC members. This committee will be good for those who are interested in having a say but are unable to meet weekly for GSSC meetings.

Newly appointed VP of Policy Nasser Odetallah (GS ‘25) updated GSSC on the first Policy Team meeting today under his lead. Ongoing projects include introducing afterschool care for GS students seeking childcare and expanding mental health policies within CPS. The Policy Team is beginning four new initiatives, including improving the Columbia Dining experience for GS students, implementing a permanent P/D/F policy in collaboration with Columbia College, increasing GS input on the upcoming expansion of CC and SEAS, and starting initial conversations about the GS tuition cap.

VP of Finance committee, Simas Chacar-Palubinskas (GS ‘24) announced that with many events moving in person, GSSC would be interested in sponsoring these events. This fund within GSSC exists to help support existing GS organizations and others that GSSC has not supported in the past. Any organization can email GSSC for more information.

VP of Campus Life Cole Wagner (GS ‘22) announced that Flamingo Mingle will happen on February 14, 2022, in the GS lounge. There will be a speed meeting event, treats, and general fun.

Glass House Rocks will take place on February 24, 2022. GSSC will rent numerous arcade games, a karaoke machine, a mechanical bull, and lots more.

President of MilVets Grayson Noyes (GS ‘23) proposed a mixer at Mel’s hosted between MilVets and GSSC for socialization between veterans and non-veterans alike. Noyes has noticed a decrease in mental health resources with the movement of many events online, leaving many veterans to feel isolated on campus. Noyes asked for $4,200 for the event to cover both the event and a 20% tip. The cost for attendees would be free of charge with food and drink included. Chief of Campus Life Emily Robinson (GS ‘23) asked if mandating a small fee would guarantee approval, and Noyes responded that he wants the event to be entirely free to allow students to attend without barriers. Next, Robinson asked if Noyes has a plan in place for COVID precautions. Noyes explained that in order for the event to receive GSSC sponsorship, two faculty members must chaperone. Timungwa explained that GSSC would vote later and email Noyes with their decision.

GSSC’s final act of the night was a budget proposal for the purchase of metro cards. However, this purchase did not happen because courses were online at the time. Therefore, GSSC reallocated this $1660 fund to purchase 50 weekly MetroCards for students to use during midterms. The motion passed with no opposition.

Next week, I expect GSSC to discuss ECAC planning further, discuss plans for Glass House Rocks further, and give updates on the Policy Committee’s new initiatives.

GSSC Header via Bwog Archives